The Research-Production Establishment Z.B.P. SENSOR GAZ was founded on 01.10.2004 year. In spite of short activity time, because of employing experienced co-workers in pellistor’s development and production and in gas detectors, especially in methanometry, we keep the state of art in this area. Our establishment is the only one in Poland which manufactures pellistors characterized by electrical and metrological parameters on the world level, following the requirements of the related safety and metrological standards. The pellistor type PCxx series are since 40 years favourably used in methanometers which are commonly used methane explosion protection systems in gassy mines in Poland. Our products are delivered to all domestic companies producing methane detection equipment for polish mines.

The strategic plans of our company embrace development new types gas detection sensors, not only catalytic combustion ones. Our experienced workers are helping our customers in correct application the pellistors, in building combustion chambers and assembling gas sensing heads.

The basic tasks of Z.B.P. SENSOR GAZ are:

  • production instruments and measuring devices, control and testing units;
  • service in installation, repair and maintenance of instruments, control and testing units;
  • research-development works in scope of scientific techniques.

In Company has been implemented Quality Management System that meets the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2015. The company also has a Quality Assurance Notification No. GIG 20 ATEXQ 036 issued by the Central Mining Institute.

All of our products designed for underground mines have EC type examination certificates (ATEX).